Bridge to Success

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High School


Print Resources

Student Edition

Teaching Edition

  • Laurie's Notes

Student Journal

  • Maintaining Mathematical Proficiency
  • Exploration Journal
  • Notetaking with Vocabulary
  • Extra Practice

Resources by Chapter

  • Start Thinking
  • Warm-Up
  • Cumulative Review Warm-Up
  • Practice A and B
  • Enrichment and Extension
  • Puzzle Time
  • Family Communication Letters

Assessment Book

  • Prerequisite Skills Test with Item Analysis
  • Pre-Course Test with Item Analysis
  • Quizzes
  • Chapter Tests
  • Alternative Assessments with Scoring Rubrics
  • Performance Tasks
  • Cumulative Tests
  • Post-Course Test with Item Analysis

Technology Resources

Dynamic Student Edition and eBook App

  • Lesson Tutorial Videos
  • Dynamic Investigations

Online Home Edition

  • Multi-Language Glossary
  • Skills Review Handbook

Dynamic Solutions Tool

Dynamic Classroom

  • Interactive Manipulatives
  • Answer Presentation Tool
  • Extra Examples
  • Mini-Assessment

Dynamic Teaching Tools

  • Real-Life STEM Videos
  • Editable Online Resources
    • Lesson Plans
    • Pacing Guides
    • Assessment Book
    • Resources by Chapter

Dynamic Assessment System

  • Homework and Assessment Creation
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Direct Ties to Remediation
  • All-In-One Reporting
  • Free Online Chat Tutor