Big Ideas Math ePub Files For eBook Web-Reader

Due to some unexpected issues with the online web-reader, Big Ideas Learning has provided ePub files in the teacher Course Resources. The student files will be posted by the end of next week.

  • The ePub files can be found at the book level. The button is called “ePub Edition.”
  • We have not added Common Core High School Algebra 1 because we are working out some issues with this particular file. We will notify you when it is available.
  • The textbook audio only works on iBooks on a Mac (not iPad). It does not work in Readium.
  • All embedded links in the ePub files work similarly to the eBook web-reader and app.
  • Features like bookmarking and annotating are not available in Readium; bookmarking is available in iBooks.
  • We have no plans to take down the eBook web-reader or app. ePub files are meant to be an alternative resource.

You will need an eReader to access the ePub file. We recommend the following eReaders for the best user experience. Using the Big Ideas Math ePub files with other eReaders could result in a degraded experience.



Recommended: Readium Web Chrome Extension    How to install 1. Go to:

2. Click blue button “Install from Chrome Web Store.”

3. Click “Add App” to add Readium.

4. Click on “Apps” on the left side of your browser header.

5. Open Readium from the Apps window.

6. Click the plus symbol to add your ePub to the library and select your downloaded ePub file.

7. The eBook will load into the library for use; it will remain saved to your local drive and will be accessible when you open Readium again.



Recommended: iBooks

iBooks can be used for iOS 8 and Mac OX Yosemite and higher. How to add your ePub to iBooks:

  1. On a Mac, either drag the ePub file directly into the library, or go to “File” > “Add to Library” and select ePub file from “Downloads.”
  2. On an iPad, once the book downloads, you will see an option to select “Open in iBooks.”


Recommended: Readium How to add your ePub to Readium:

1.  Go to:

2. Search for “Readium” (you can also go directly to

Note: If there is any problem with these links, you can also get to the web store in Chrome by clicking on the sandwich icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right of the browser, hovering over “More tools,” and clicking on “Extensions.” Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Get more extensions.”

3. Click on “+ ADD TO CHROME.”

4. Click “Add app.”

5. Once Readium is installed, it can be found under “All apps,” which can be found by clicking on the search icon in the lower left corner of the Chrome OS.

6. Open Readium, and click the plus symbol to add your ePub to the library. Select your downloaded ePub file.

7. The eBook will load into the library for use. It will remain saved to your local drive and will be accessible when you open Readium again.

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