Big Ideas Learning: Social Media Recap – February


Another edition of this month’s best links is coming your way. Find out why we love math, explore a few new websites, and learn how scaffolding is embedded into Big Ideas Math in this month’s Social Media Recap:


  1. Guest Blog – Barb Webber “Our Passion For Math – Share The Love!!!” “Am I a “math geek”???  You bet I am!  And proud to share my passion – share my love of mathematics.  And I’m hoping that love will grow among others, impacting their attitudes and effort.”
  2. Scaffolding– “Scaffolding, sometimes referred to as guided practice, is a learning process that promotes a deeper level of understanding for students by providing learning support when a new skill or concept is introduced.”



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  1. 5 Tips to Help Teachers Who Struggle With Technology
  2. What Students Remember Most About Teachers
  3. Making Math Fun
  4. 23 Defining Traits Of Your Favorite Teacher – BuzzFeed!
  5. New Approaches to Teaching Fractions
  6. Strict Math Teacher’s Secret Identity..As A Baby Cuddler

What was your favorite thing about this month’s Social Media Recap? Let us know in the comments below!


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