Activity of the Week – 04/04/2011

This activity can be found in the 6th grade (Green) Big Ideas Math textbook on page T-9.

The activity can be done with the whole class as a lesson summary. Students are asked to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others (Mathematical Practice #3).

1. Write words or phrases on index cards for each of the four operations so that each student has an index card. Distribute the cards. Some of the phrases can be the same.

2. Designate a corner of the room for each of the four operations. Have students move to the corner of the room associated with the operation suggested by the word or phrase on their index card.

3. Each of the four clusters of students should verify that all of the group’s index cards match the correct operation.

4. Have each cluster of students read the words on their index cards aloud to the class.

5. Collect the cards to use again.

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