21st Century Technology in the Math Classroom

Walk into a classroom today and what you will see is very different than what many of us experienced as a student. Today’s students are learning using more technology than ever. Touchscreen tablets, interactive whiteboards, virtual manipulatives, iPads and wireless laptops, to name a few, are the innovative technology items that Mathematics curriculums are now using. These devices enable students to see, hear, touch and, sometimes, experience their assignments. This utilization of technology opens the world to students and brings the outside world in.

A 21st Century Classroom has the following:

• engaged, interactive students
• a variety of available materials and resources
• the use of all available resources
• greater student freedom
• student-centered learning

Big Ideas Learning is excited that our math program, Big Ideas Math, provides students with all of the above. As students work through the program, they are given opportunities regularly to work with their peers utilizing 21st Century technology and materials to discover both the mathematics and how it relates to daily life. We all at Big Ideas Learning truly believe this is the best for Mathematics Education!

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