SOH CAH TOA Style (Learn Trig Functions): Chelmsford TV featuring Big Ideas Learning.

One of our wonderful teachers from Chelmsford School District, Matthew Beyranevande produces a program at his school called ‘Math With Matthew.’ In his most recent video, SOH CAH TOA Style (Learn Trig Functions), Matthew and fellow teachers sing about SOH CAH TOA with music from Psy’s Gangnam Style.

At 0:14 you can see Matthew holding our NEW High School Algebra 2 book.

SOH CAH TOA Style (Learn Trig Functions) Video:

Matthew has produced other videos with Big Ideas Learning books in them. Awhile back, he and other teachers produced a video to ‘What Does The Fox Say’ called ‘What is the value of Pi?’ In the video, our Big Ideas Learning, 7th Grade Red Middle School book is featured. Check out the picture and video below.

Thanks Matthew for the great video!

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